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Do-It-Yourself At-Home De-Skunking!

For best results, be sure to do the following procedure as soon as possible following the skunking.  We have found that it works best if you have not done any other home remedies (tomato juice, vinegar, etc.)


Leave the dog dry as you mix the de-skunking solution. 


If the dog has been sprayed in the face, use a product such as Safe-Eye to help prevent the solution from harming your pet's eyes in case of contact.  (But please still be careful to avoid getting the de-skunk mix in his eyes even if you use Safe-Eye!!)


Mix the following in a disposable container such as an old plastic soda bottle.


16 oz. of peroxide

1/2 cup of baking soda

1 tablespoon of Dawn (or similar grease-cutting dish soap)


Shake this well and use ALL of it immediately concentrating on the sprayed area in particular, but covering the whole dog... 


WARNING - This will create a chemical reaction between the peroxide and the baking soda, and if you cap it, the gasses will cause the bottle to explode!!!  This chemical reaction along with the grease cutting action of the dish soap is what separates the oily skunk spray from the hair.


Leave the mix on for 15 minutes.  This is important to give the reaction time to take place and work.


Rinse the dog thoroughly, and follow up with a bath in a de-skunking dog shampoo such as Nil-Odor.


We have many de-skunking products available for the rest of the house or car as well.