Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash


Hours are 7:30am till 2:00pm


We provide Forced Air Blow Dryer (non-burning), a Towel, Aprons, a choice of Shampoos, Brushes & Combs... pretty much all you need to bring is your furry friend!


Pricing is based on the dog's weight:

Under 30 lbs          $17.00

30-79 lbs              $20.00

80+ lbs                 $23.00

(Over 1 Hour - Add $5.00)



Emergency Skunk Service

Space permitting, we will always take an emergency skunk bath.  While we may be too booked for a full grooming, we can at least get the majority of the smell off for you.  If you prefer to Self-Bathe we will make up a bottle of de-skunking mix and give you a deodorizing shampoo to use for an additional $10.00


If your dog has been skunked on a day we are closed CLICK HERE for more info on how you can do the skunk bath yourself at home with the best results.


          --> At Home Skunk Bath Info Page <--


Grooming is by appointment only.  Our drop off time is between 7:30am and 9:00am.  Most dogs are done by 2:00pm.  Last pickup is by 3:00pm


Prices are based on the dog's breed.  Please call for pricing! (203)744-0222.


Additional Services:


Full Groom  - Bath, Blow-Dry, Nail Trim, Brush Out (up to 15 min), Ear Cleaning, Breed Appropriate Haircut - Price Varies by Breed


Fluff & Buff Bathing - Bath, Blow-Dry, Nail Trim, Brush Out (10 min), Ear Cleaning - Price Varies by Breed


Matted Coat - Shaving- Add $5.00 - $20.00

                    De-Matting Add $12.00 per 10 min


De-Shedding Treatment - Massaging Hydrosurge Bath with De-Shed Shampoo, Blow Out Undercoat, and an Additional Brush Out with De-Shedding Tool  

                     Med Add  $20.00

                     Large Add  $25.00


Flea Bath - Add $10.00


De-Skunking - Add $15.00 - $25.00


Pedicures - Without Grooming $10.00

                Dremeling - Add $10.00

                Polish - Add $10.00


Oral Hygiene Treatment - Apply Enzymatic Gel/Spray, Brush with Disposable Brush/Wipe, Fresh Breath Foam - Add $10.00





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Call Us !


Dog Grooming


Retail Hours are from 7:30 till 3:00.  Feel free to call and verify that an item you are looking for is in stock!  We'll hold it for you!


Special Orders Welcome!  Let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to help you!

   Tail Waggers

Nail Trimming


Available when Groomers are here with no appointment needed.  Usually from 8am till about 1pm, but please call first to be sure! (203)744-0222


Cost is $10.00 for a Nail Trim

Add Dremeling for an additional $10.00


(Nail Trimming is included at no charge in our grooming services)